We’re an employee-owned company and a team of passionate technologists. We embrace diversity and hold our commitment to our customers and principals above all else. We love to learn and we love to teach. Our standards for integrity, honesty, professionalism and duty are the highest. We use our expertise in information security to help everyone–even those who cannot afford to pay us. We can do anything together. We’re committed to our customers, our communities and each other.

Why Are We Here?

We believe that everyone is entitled to safe use of computers, a free exchange of information and a productive pursuit of business. We want to share our knowledge and talents with anyone who may benefit from our help. We want to give back to our communities with our donated services and public events. We want to lead discussions, critical thinking and support of the information security community.

Who Are We?

We have come together as a team and a family. We laugh and work hard. We love this company and it is ours. We can do anything because we’re diverse and skilled in software engineering, hardware design, cyber-security, IT, quality assurance and administration.

What Do We Do?

We enjoy each other’s company inside the office and outside. We run, bike, swim, eat and play. Our work/life balance is a core value and priority–not just a fancy phrase on the web-site.

What makes us different?

The commitment we have for each other, this business we own together and our customers, is like no other. Our advice is free and our services are invaluable. Start a conversation with us and you’ll quickly see how we can help each other succeed. We believe in partnering with our customers because their success means everything to us.