Our virtual CIO and advisory services provide guidance related to integrating your technology environment with your business goals to maximize your IT strategy. Our advisory services act as virtual Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers for your company, helping you navigate your way through IT complexities.

We will sit down with you to chart the course for IT activities and decisions for the longer term as well as meeting with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to review any new IT items that come up.

Virtual CIO & CTO Advisory Services

Our advisory services include:

  • Advice and guidance. We will advise on IT operations, organization and their correlation to your business. We can help to ensure that your operations are optimally suited to your needs and that they are in alignment with your goals.
  • IT staffing and organizational assessments. We will look at your current corporate configuration and make IT staffing recommendations to ensure you have optimal resources.
  • Weekly consults. We will meet with you on a weekly basis to consult on the status of your ongoing IT operations.
  • Proposal reviews. We can review any proposals as they relate to technology and integrating with your business to ensure best practices are included.
  • Assistance with vendor management. Handling negotiations, dealing with billing and support issues for multiple vendors of products and services can be challenging. We can facilitate and manage your vendor relationships for you, freeing up your valuable time.
  • IT budgeting. Our consultants can provide guidance on your IT spending forecasts for more accurate budgeting while ensuring your technology investments are as cost-efficient as possible.
  • Recommendations regarding IT processes, policies, and principles. We will analyze your current processes and make recommendations for the implementation of best practices to optimize your IT operations.
  • Identifying opportunities for technology upgrades and migrations. We can assess your current technology and advise you when it is time to consider upgrading your hardware or migrating your systems to new platforms.